HMV Scarborough goes

HMV Scarborough closingDespite all the faults of HMV it is still somehow disconcerting to see the branches going. I felt the same when Woolworth’s went down a couple of years back. Such is the way these chains have been part of your life for so long. So far the Sheffield HMV is soldiering on, but to be honest they do not appear to have tried to improve the place in any way. Half the music floor is still given over to DVDs, which are then duplicated upstairs, as they can’t make their minds up what they want to be. Much of the ‘new technology’ space is now devoid of all the tablets and iPads (I assume they have not been able to reach a deal with suppliers), and you still have to grovel on your knees to check the lower shelf titles out.
Some smaller branches have gone though. Chesterfield was closed in April, and this picture shows the last days of the Scarborough branch the same month. Scarborough is quite a big town, has a huge catchment area, and is also a big destination for holiday-makers all mooching around.  Hard to believe they couldn’t have devised a store which could sell stuff to at least some of them. Mind you adding an exclamation mark to the ‘store closing’ banner perhaps sums management up.
Thanks to Alan Coventry for his cell-phone pic. Alan, who has just sold his house prior to moving, tells me he is currently keeping an eye on the online auction of an original A&M Sex Pistols single (£7,000 last time I looked!). I hope the two events are not connected.

About simon robinson

Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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