Last Shop Standing – update

last shop standing fund raising gig posterThe Last Shop Standing documentary team staged a fundraising concert in Sheffield on April 15. And before anyone grumbles  that I didn’t post about it, the event was sold out in just a couple of days! So fast that even though I did know about it, they’d sold out before I grabbed tickets (Graham kindly reserved a couple for me to pay for at the door). It took place at The Greystones pub, which has rapidly become the small venue of choice for a lot of bands now that the Borderline in town has closed (though what the venue gains in ambience and style it loses in capacity, hence the rapid sell out). Anyhow, a lot of largely folk based local artists gave their services free, and Richard Hawley stepped in at the last moment to add a bit of star billing when one of the advertised singers fell ill. The evening was introduced with a good trailer for the documentary which whetted everyone’s appetite; it really does capture a lot of atmosphere surrounding indie shops and also some of the poignancy of their decline. This was added to when after seeing a nice clip of Hudson’s in Chesterfield, producer Graham Jones made a short speech about the project but added that Hudsons would be closing at the end of this week after 105 years in business; the UK’s longest running indie record shop. He’d invited owner Keith and family along for the evening and they got a cheer. One of the singers admitted before her turn that Hudson’s had been the first shop she’d been to as a young kid, buying Pulp and Meatloaf CDs on her first visit! Coincidentally I did photograph the shop only four weeks ago to add to our blog… It was fun too to try and spot the various shops in the trailer, and we certainly recognised Borderline down in Brighton, Rough Trade and many others. The owner of Borderline turned out to be sat next to us… Anyhow, you can see three pre-production trailers on YouTube now (complete with Billy Bragg, Johnny Marr and Rich Hawley) – links at bottom of the page – and the producers told everyone there was still time to donate to the production and get your name on screen. Some lucky people will also be asked to pose outside their favourite shop for an on-screen still (though as Graham admitted this might result in an awful lot of people outside Record Collector!). As well as the links below you can read our earlier piece on the film here with further details of the project.


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Having worked as a designer mostly in the music industry, and mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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