Top Of The Paint Parade!

Brolac PEP flexi disc

A busy time has kept me off the blog for a while. Most of the weekends have been taken up decorating after building work. So it was nice to find this flexi in a charity shop recently, extolling the virtues of drip-free emulsion paint! Not just any paint mind, but Brolac PEP (plastic emulsion paint).A name from the past I figured, but apparently it is still being made (though whether by John Hall of Bristol I very much doubt) and one or two old-time decorators reckon it was one of the best emulsions ever made, though you’ll be hard pressed to find it as the market these days is dominated by others.
I can’t play the disc on my deck, but it seems to be a trade give-away for paint suppliers. Manufactured, as most flexis were, by Lyntone, early sixties looking at the graphics (design is credited to Masius & Fergusson Ltd.).

Brolac PEP flexi disc
I do wonder whether it pre-dates the 1969 Rolling Stones album Let It Bleed which has a similar sort of idea.
The big photo is mine, but the back cover image turned up on a sales site – – where they have a copy for sale at £10.

Brolac PEP flexi disc

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Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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