V&A Donation!

Good of Vince & Aileen to donate a pile of 200+ easy listening albums to our cause this weekend. You can’t even accuse them of doing it just to save them a trip to a charity store, as they live two hours drive away from us in sunny Southport. Faced with the way their record room floor was starting to fill up with Japanese techno twelve inchers, and the fact that their shelves were already overflowing with vinyl, they took the decision to thin down the easy listening section.

pile of used vinyl

Which means I’ve got the fun job of sorting through six boxes worth of vinyl over the next few weeks! Anything which doesn’t fit the easy on the eye collection remit, or which we already have, will then be passed on to a deserving charity store in this neck of the woods. And by deserving I mean which still sells vinyl. And doesn’t have an X in their name!

And if you’re thinking to yourself “isn’t that a Richard Avedon cover on top of that pile” then you’re right…

About simon robinson

Having worked as a graphic designer in the music industry, mainly in the reissue sector, I now concentrate on the design and publication of books about popular culture - and even write some of them.
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2 Responses to V&A Donation!

  1. Always happy to donate to a good cause; just a quick message to say that the Music Room is bursting with German and Detroit techno 12″ vinyl not Japanese techno – don’t always believe what the A of V&A tells you! Happy collecting

    • simon robinson says:

      There are already dozens of people round the world who believe in the word of A – don’t let those followers down!

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